About Us

About Us: We are different

Most wine cellar comparison sites go about helping you find the best wine cellar a little backwards. They put the cart before the horse. They tell you which wine cellar is the best or highest rated. But, how is that determined? We are not sure.

And, what if the feature details important to you are not present in any of the wine cellars they rated the best? Do they even discuss all of the features? Or do you have to dig to find an occasional mention scattered haphazardly?

We turn that around. We want you to first find the wine cellar that has all of the features you want. This should power your choice. Horse before the cart. We feel that is a much better approach.

Plus, you’ll notice that we have no reviews or ratings at all. We are wary of opinions by so-called experts. Instead of our opinion of what we think is important, you should decide. We have all of the prominent manufacturers and models with all of their features. We give you the facts – specifically, the facts on each wine cellar’s features.

No fancy website or marketing here. We have a simple design that allows you to quickly pare your choices down without any outside sway. Once you have narrowed it down to a few, then you can go to the read real, unbiased reviews from actual buyers of the machine. What could be better?

We know that this is a different way, but we think it is the best way. We hope you agree. Good luck.